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An exceptional coffee deserves an exceptional brew. We are thrilled to offer two virtual seminars to help guide you through the best at-home coffee experience. 

Space is limited to eight guests per session. 

Click on a date and time below to reserve your spot. 

Group at counter, one is pouring coffee into two glass mugs. Fellow Kettle in foreground.


Learn how to make a transcendent cup of your Exceedingly Rare coffee in this virtual hands-on brewing session. Led by one of our expert Blue Bottle Trainers, the class will cover our proprietary pour over technique, the very method baristas use in our cafes, as well as tips on how to find the optimal dose and grind size of coffee. Along the way, you’ll learn why we prefer certain brew tools and become empowered to make your most consistently delicious pour overs yet. 

Brew Classes are currently sold out. Please feel free to join the waitlist. 

You will be notified if any spots become available. 

Thursday, April 1 | 9–10:30 am PT

Friday, April 2 | 9–10:30 am PT 

Saturday, April 3 | 9–10:30 am PT 


limited to eight guests per session 


Bring a cup of your just-brewed Exceedingly Rare coffee to this virtual tasting. Led by one of our expert Blue Bottle Trainers, the tasting will heighten your appreciation of the single origin at hand, giving you a deeper understanding of how the coffee’s origins and processing influence its taste. It will also cover the 5 coffee flavor categories that we teach to baristas, including how to analyze a coffee’s balance and finish, giving you the foundation to identify your own coffee preferences. You’ll leave the class with an improved coffee palate—and the vocabulary to describe what you taste and the coffees you prefer. 

Thursday, April 1 | 11 am–12 pm PT

Friday, April 2 | 11 am–12 pm PT

Saturday, April 3 | 11 am–12 pm PT


limited to eight guests per session



Abigail Gregory

Trainer, Blue Bottle Coffee

Abbie Gregory (she/her) has been training within Blue Bottle for the last two years of her decade-long coffee career. She loves coffee as a means to bring novelty to the mundane through taste, ritual, and community. If you need her, she’ll probably be daydreaming about 2020's Winter Blooms Single Origin or explaining brew theory through outlandish yet accurate allegory.

Josh Stenslien

Trainer, Blue Bottle Coffee

Josh Stenslien (he/him) is a specialty coffee professional and certified nerd. He can be found in the Sprudge comments giving feedback or at a Carol Dweck fan fiction conference.